The real, true story of the Creepy doll from the movie "The Conjuring"

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If you have seen the movie, "The Conjuring" then this real and true story will freak the sh*t out of you...



It’s already bad enough to know that people actually possess creepy looking dolls! Then to find out that what you’ve dreaded all along was actually true! Demons taking over creepy looking dolls? Thanks God it’s not a Barbie doll!

One of the creepiest parts in the absolutely thrilling horror movie “The Conjuring” is the evil possessed doll, Annabelle. The name just sends chills all over your body if you’ve actually watched or have the balls to watch that movie. What makes it more terrifying, is that it wasn’t just a made up character in the movie. Annabelle actually exists!

In the movie she was redesigned to appear much creepier than the original. Movies, right? She actually is just a plain old Raggedy Anne doll in real life but with the same story. She is one of the main attractions of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s spooky museum of trophies.


Scene in the movie and The real story

The owner of the raggedy Anne doll was Dona. Her mother had bought the used doll for her from the hobby store at the time when she was in college. She lived with her roommate, Angie and had the doll taken to her apartment. At the time the doll wasn’t of any importance and had nothing special about it. It was just an ordinary old doll given to her by her mum.

As a few days passed, Dona and Angie started noticing strange behaviors which were very small at the time. Like the doll shifting its positions constantly. As a few weeks went by the movements increased and the doll was fully mobile. Whenever Dona and Angie had left the apartment, she would place the doll on the bed before leaving and got back home to find it lying on the couch. This was just unexplainable but it continued.

Dona had another friend named Lou. He hated the doll and had the feeling that there was something deeply wrong, something deeply evil about it. The girls always ignored it as they were modern thinkers and didn’t believe in it all. Until one day things just got weirder and weirder. They would come home to find pieces of parchment paper all over the apartment which had notes on them saying “help us” or “help Lou”. What was even creepier, they didn’t own any parchment paper! So where the hell was it all coming from?! This wasn’t it. She came home one day to find the doll sitting on her bed with blood or some sort of red liquid on the dolls hands, which seemed  be coming from the doll itself. This is when Donna had enough and decided to call in the experts. They sat with the doll, examining it very closely and told the girls that long before their apartment complex had been built; there was a field where a seven year old girl named Annabelle Higgins had been found dead. Her spirit remained and latched itself on to the doll. The spirit stayed in that doll because it felt safe around Dona and Angie. They were both nursing students and the nurturing types.

Dona decided to keep the doll and that’s when all hell broke loose and things started getting weirder and out of control. Their friend Lou, had bad dreams at night. He said he felt Annabelle at his feet when he lay asleep frozen, where she crawled under his sheet, up his legs and chest and had her stuffed hands around his throat. She was suffocating him. He woke up in a start with terrible pains as he gasped for air. It felt like all blood had been cut from his brain.

A few days later he and Angie were hanging out in the apartment, planning a road trip, when they heard rattling and running around the rooms. They dropped everything and rushed to the rooms and found nothing. Everything was in its usual place except for Annabelle. She was sitting in a corner directing towards them, glaring. Lou walked towards the doll and went to pick it up. As he reached for it he felt someone or something standing behind him and then he neck began to burn. Like as if needles had been clawed down his neck. He felt the same on his chest and pulled his shirt to check, he found claw marks driven into his flesh. He panicked and ran out. He knew Annabelle did it. The marks had healed completely in two days. It was something they’ve ever seen before! 

They knew they needed more help, and decided to call an Episcopalian priest, who in turn called Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

It didn’t take the Warren’s long to come to the conclusion that there was no ghost in the doll. It was something worse, a demon. Demons don’t possess objects, only human. They take control of the objects and all this while had been manipulating the doll and its movements to make it look like a haunting. What it really wanted was Dona’s soul. The Warren’s decided to take custody of the doll and put it in a plastic bag. On the way to their destination they had met with an accident and survived. The demon in Annabelle had been messing around with the car, levitating and making the car stop including jamming the brakes. 

Eventually after several incidents, the Warren’s decided to build a case for the doll. It was to keep Annabelle from moving around and causing more harm to anyone. And she resides there to this day. Whatever terrible entity latched itself to that doll, still exists and lives in it. Waiting for its time. When it can be free again.



It was pretty difficult to write about Annabelle as it gave me the creeps, since I have many dolls in my house. Good luck sleeping at night.