China: Cat gives birth to a puppy

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Why do most bizarre things occur in China?


A sheep had given birth to a puppy-like creature in China, three weeks ago.  Now, it’s a cat being accused of immorality for giving birth to a dog.

A pet cat has become famous in Yangshan, eastern China Jiangsu Province, after gaving birth to a puppy.

The cat’s owner Zhou Yun was aware of the cat’s pregnancy at the start of April.  She gave birth to two kittens. However, when Zhang went to check, one of the kittens had died.

“I then noticed the other kitten surprisingly looks like a dog,” explained Zhou.

Zhou raises a cat and a dog in her house and supposes that the child is the result of their relationship. While Lai Xiaoyun, president of a local pet clinic, dismisses that theory.  She came to the house and checked the cat-puppy, but said it’s impossible that a cat could give birth to a dog, reports Orange News.

Lai concludes that the cat must have accidentally borrowed a puppy from the neighbourhood as one of her kittens died.  She says it’s impossible for a cat to give birth to a dog.

Is it? Or, is it not?

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